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Gas Boiler Service Engineers across the UK

At Energy Cert Scotland our gas safe engineers are professional, friendly, and efficient our gas safe engineers operate across Scotland. Energy Cert Scotland provide gas safe gas engineers for repairs, servicing and installation throughout Scotland. Our experienced, gas-safe certified gas engineers are fully certified and insured and our gas services are quick, easy and affordable.

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Gas Boiler Servicing in Scotland

Maintaining and servicing your gas boiler regularly prevents unexpected breakdowns and can reduce your house bills. Not only is regular servicing important for safety reasons, but it also ensures that your gas boiler operates efficiently. If a boiler isn't serviced regularly then the efficiency will be reduced over time which means more fuel will be used by the boiler when it heats up your home or water. This could lead to higher energy bills than necessary.

Our gas-safe boiler engineers are professional and friendly and will always keep you informed during any work they undertake on site. If a repair or replacement is required we'll provide an estimate before carrying out any work so there are no hidden costs when we complete our work at the end of each visit (except if we need to carry out additional work due to unforeseen circumstances).

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Why to use Gas Safe Engineers for your gas boiler service

Our gas safe gas engineers can help you with a range of gas services from repairs, servicing and installation. Energy Cert Scotland gas engineers operate across Scotland to provide gas repairs for landlords for gas installations in both domestic and commercial properties. Our fully trained gas engineers are on the gas safe register and our friendly admin staff can give you a gas repair quote over the phone.

Our Gas Safe engineers are gas-safe registered and fully insured, as well as being fully qualified to work on boilers. Gas Safe engineers also have a wealth of experience in the industry, so they know what they’re doing and can help you get your boiler up and running again quickly.

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Gas Boiler Fitting Scotland | UK
Gas Boiler Installation Scotland | UK

What is a boiler service?

A boiler service is a check and clean of your boiler, flue and pipework. The engineer will inspect the inside of your boiler to make sure it’s in good working order. They’ll also perform essential safety checks to ensure that they are working properly. The benefits of having a gas boiler service include:
• Stopping problems before they start – if you have any issues with your equipment, this could be fixed during a boiler service rather than risking damage by waiting until something goes wrong later on – which can be more expensive.
• Improving energy efficiency - if there are any high energy bills being paid (which may indicate poor insulation), these can usually be reduced through regular servicing.
• Preventing accidents or damage - regular servicing ensures that any faults or issues can be caught early on before they become costly or dangerous in future.

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How to save money on your boiler servicing.

As a homeowner, you want your boiler to function properly. You want to be safe and live comfortably in your home. You also want to save money on the maintenance costs of owning your boiler. There are several ways that a gas boiler service company can help you with this goal:
• Get a quote from a reputable engineer who is qualified to work on gas boilers
• Don't hire an unqualified engineer or one who doesn't have certification
• Don't use a boiler service company that isn't gas safe or certified

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Gas Boiler Fitting Scotland | UK

When to get your boiler serviced?

The answer to this question depends on a few things. irstly, if your boiler is older than 10 years, then it's highly recommended that you get an annual service. This will ensure that problems are identified in their early stages and can be fixed before they become too expensive or difficult to repair later on. econdly, if you're using a high-efficiency condensing boiler (EHEDG rated above 92%), then it's also recommended that you get your boiler serviced annually because these models have a higher failure rate than standard boilers.

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Gas Safe Engineer

Gas Safe registered gas engineers for Scotland

Energy Cert Scotland provide gas boiler installation service throughout Scotland. Our experienced, gas-safe certified gas engineers are fully certified and insured and our boiler installation service is quick, easy and affordable.

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You have again provided an excellent service to our overseas clients. You always go the extra mile to gain access to flats for my clients who are overseas and not in the country. Great team!

Emmanuel Charest

Very professional and represent value for money for the quality and detail of reports. Would definitely use again!

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Liz & Carolyn were both helpful and knowledgeable in the office and Kirk was really kind on the day, I will definitely use you next time.

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