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Energy Cert Scotland are trusted Asbestos Consultants

Asbestos surveys are required for any non-domestic building built before 2000. Finding asbestos in your building can hold up planning permission, mortgage signoffs and can cause huge delays. That's where Energy Cert Scotland come in! Our asbestos consultants can advise on asbestos management, asbestos surveying, asbestos removal, and asbestos asmpling. We provide professional asbestos reports for both domestic and commercial buildings and if asbestos is found in your building, our asbestos experts will help mitigate disruption and remove the asbestos.

Smoke Alarm Fitting Scotland | UK
Smoke Alarm Fitting Scotland | UK

Why Do I Need An Asbestos Management Survey Report?

Asbestos surveys are required by law, because of the high risks that asbestos materials present when they are found in buildings. A building may require one type of asbestos survey, the other, or both. It depends on the use of the building and the work planned.

Asbestos appointments from £95

Scotland's best Asbestos Removal Service

A landlord inventory and schedule of condition are an essential part of any tenancy. Without one, landlords will rarely be able to make a successful claim for damages. In the event of a deposit dispute, the Deposit Protection Service (DPS) and other deposit schemes will require a third-party property inventory and schedule of condition as evidence of the property's condition. We'll arrange your professional landlord inventory service through our nationwide network of experienced inventory clerks.

Asbestos appointments from £95
Smoke Alarm Fitting Scotland | UK
Smoke Alarm Fitting Scotland | UK

Energy Cert Scotland are an Asbestos Contractor for Asbestos Removal.

Energy Cert Scotland are a professional Asbestos Contractor offering Asbestos Removal, Asbestos Surveys, Project Management Nationwide for both commercial and domestic properties. With over 30 years experience of working within the industry we can help you manage asbestos safely and are able to offer a comprehensive, high quality service from project conception to completion. We operate teams of highly trained and committed personnel, and are dedicated to advancing safe working practices through training and management systems, and pride ourselves on both the aptitude of our workforce and the ability of our managers to provide a concise and safe lead approach to working in this demanding and highly regulated industry. If you come across asbestos in your building contact us today for free no obligation advice.

Asbestos appointments from £95

Asbestos refurbishment and demolition reports (R&D Surveys)

Energy Cert Scotland carry out professoinal R&D surveys across Scotland. Our Refurbishment and demolition surveys are required when you are upgrading or refurbishing your building and must be carried out before any refurbishment or demolition work commences. All our UK R&D Asbestos surveyors are professionally qualified & trained to identify/work with asbestos materials, write up legal asbestos reports & registers and advise on asbestos management and what actions you should take to ensure the safety of those who might be exposed to asbestos whether it is found in your home or workplace.

Asbestos appointments from £95
Smoke Alarm Fitting Scotland | UK
Smoke Alarm Fitting Scotland | UK

Professional Asbestos Sampling

Energy Cernt Scotland carry out in-depth asbestos testing, asbestos sampling and asbestos analysis before any asbestos removal is carried out. Asbestos sampling is essential to identify whether asbestos is present in your property. Energy Cert Scotland are fully trained for asbestos sampling in the UK. All of our professoinal asbestos conulstants are trained and operate under the Health and Safety Executive Guidance. Our asbestos experts can provide you with a comprehensive asbestos sample report as soon as possible.

Asbestos appointments from £95

Areas We Cover for Asbestos Removal and Asbestos Surveys

Energy Cert Scotland provide Landlord Inventory Service across the whole of Scotland. We operate from a number of offices, and our fully certified Landlord Inventory Service assessors can visit your location anywhere in Scotland.

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Very professional service, I managed to get asbestos survey and asbestos removal in one smooth service.

David Pittes

Brilliant, very friendly staff at the office went above and beyond to work my appointments in as soon as possible.

George Weston

These guys know their stuff, they were very experienced and helped us resolve our issues with building control and remove the asbestos found on our building.

Sarah Green

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Asbestos FAQs

What is asbestos?

Asbestos is a collection of six natural silicate minerals. All which given the name asbestiform habit. This refers to the mineral that grows in a fibrous manner. Which include long thin crystals with each visible fibre composed of millions of microscopic “fibrils” that can be released by scraping and other processes.

What does Asbestos look like?

There are 3 3 common types of asbestos found in domestic and commercial settings:

Amosite Asbestos

Amosite, also known as Brown Asbestos. Its most commonly found in Fireplaces, Electric cupboards and boiler rooms. Furthermore, Amosite is also a very dangerous type of Asbestos due to the straight structure of its brown fibres.

Crhysotile Asbestos

Chrysotile, also known as White Asbestos. Is the most common type of Asbestos that exists. Chrysotile in its purest form is made up of white fibres that make it very difficult to identify. White Asbestos is typically found in Garage roofs, Shed roof, Artex ceilings and Waste flues.

Crocidolite Asbestos

Crocidolite, commonly known as Blue Asbestos. Similarly to Amosite, Crocidolite is from the Amphibole mineral family. However, its known to be the most dangerous type of asbestos. Unfortunately, its widely used in commercial properties, pipe insulation and many other cement products.

How long does an asbestos survey take?

Typically an asbestos survey takes a couple of 2 hours per survey, however the time taken depends on the size and complexity of the property.

How much does an asbestos survey cost?

the price of your asbestos survey depends on the asbestos services you need and the size of your property. please get in touch with the Certify Asbestos team to get an accurate quote.

What happens during an asbestos survey?

Our asbestos surveyor will visit the property and perform a visual inspection for asbestos, checking all areas where the asbestos surveyor suspects there might be asbestos. After the asbestos survey the serveyor will write up their asbestos report and Certify Asbestos will email your report.

What happens if there is damage during the asbestos survey?

There may be some damage during an inspection if our surveyor needs to access behind built areas any damage will get sealed in.

What asbestos services do Certify Asbestos do?

Do I need asbestos maintenance?

You must have a new inspection every 12 months

How does asbestos sampling work

Our asbestos surveyor will collect samples of asbestos from your property for testing with a professoinal asbestos testing centre. Every sample tested will be issued with a certificate.