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Commercial Legionella Risk Assessments across Scotland


Our Scottish Commercial Legionella Risk Assessors We are fully qualified to recent L8 legislation with full PI cover to carry out Risk Assessments. All our assessors hold the City & Guilds qualification. You can rest assured you will receive a first class service and our report is professional and comprehensive.

Covid-19 Update

Covid-19 has caused a lot of businesses to close for a long period of time. The water system being left unused for a long period of time puts business owners, staff and customers at risk of exposure to a build up of Legionella. A Legionella Risk Assessment can ensure that your business has prepared to reopen safely for staff and customers. We can help with this, please contact us for a quotation.

Under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 (HSWA) employers must ensure that the water system is safe to use in a work premise. Therefore, a Legionella Risk Assessment is required for businesses with any type of water system. This can include a simple hot and cold tap, toilets, a shower or something a little more specified such as a cooling tower for example.

Controlling the risk of Legionella also comes under the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 and Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 1999.

Legionella is a form of bacteria commonly found in water systems such as water tanks, pipes and air conditioning units. Legionnaires’ Disease is caused by inhaling small droplets of water containing the bacteria.

Our fully qualified assessors will visit your commercial property, assess and identify the risks and put in place control measures to reduce any risks that were identified. You will then receive a fully completed and compliant Legionella Risk Assessment. This will not only help keep employees and the public safe but will demonstrate your compliance with the legislations.

Our staff are qualified to conduct Commercial Legionella Risk Assessments and testing in premises up to and including large cooling towers. You can be assured we have the knowledge, professionalism and insurance to ensure you meet your legislative requirements.

We cover the whole of Scotland and one for our staff from any one of our offices in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dundee, Aberdeen & Inverness, can be on hand quickly to carry out Legionella Risk Assessments, testing and management services.

Legionella Rish Assessment FAQs

Legionella risk assessments are a legal requirement for landlords in the UK. To find out more about Legionella risk assessments view our Legionella FAQs

Areas We Cover for Commercial Legionella Risk Assessments across Scotland

Energy Cert Scotland provide Commercial Legionella Risk Assessments across Scotland across the whole of Scotland. We operate from a number of offices, and our fully certified Commercial Legionella Risk Assessments across Scotland assessors can visit your location anywhere in Scotland.

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How Commercial Legionella Risk Assessments across Scotland Work

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Legionella Risk Assessment FAQs

What is Legionnella?

Legionella is a form of bacteria commonly found in water systems such as water tanks, pipes and air conditioning units. By inhaling small droplets of water containing this bacteria it can cause Legionnaires’ Disease.

How do people get Legionnaires' disease?

People contract Legionnaires' disease by inhaling small droplets of water (aerosols), suspended in the air, containing the bacteria.

I am a landlord, do I need a Legionella Risk Assessment carried out?

Landlords must comply with the new regulations. In addition, they have a legal duty to ensure that their tenants and others visiting the property are protected.

What is the purpose of a Legionella Risk Assessment?

The purpose of the Risk Assessment is to identify any risks in your water system. The competent person undertaking the assessment should be able to establish whether there are any risks of exposure to legionella.

What should the Assessment include?

Your Legionella Risk Assessment should include:- - management responsibilities, including the name of the competent person and a description of your system - competence and training of key personnel - any identified potential risk sources - any means of preventing the risk or controls in place to control risks - monitoring, inspection and maintenance procedures - records of the monitoring results and inspection and checks carried out - arrangements to review the risk assessment regularly, particularly when there is reason to suspect it is no longer valid

Who can undertake the Risk Assessment?

The legislation states that the Risk Assessment must be carried out by a "competent person", someone with the necessary skills, knowledge and experience to manage health and safety, including the control measures. Landlords can carry out the assessment themselves if they believe they are competent to do so, or they can instruct a specialist contractor to carry out the work. You the landlord are fully responsible and liable to ensure the risk of legionella in your property is assessed & controlled. The Risk assessment must be carried out by a fully trained and competent person with the necessary skills & professional indemnity cover to protect you. If you carry out your own risk assessment and/or employ someone who is not trained to provide one, it is only you who will face prosecution in the event of an outbreak at your property. Protect yourself.

Where can I find out more about Legionella?

The Health and Safety executive have issued a guide on their website. It can be found via the following link:-